Illinois Video Gaming: DEC 2014 Numbers

The December 2014 revenue report has been released by the Illinois Gaming Board and it is time to party hard because the numbers were at an all-time high. The Net Terminal Income was $66,812,021.91 up from November’s $62,530,030.87. The daily average per machine jumped up $2.31 to $112.36 for 19,182 machines statewide.

Illinois earned $16,703,005.48 in December and is the 11th month in a row of an eight digit figure for Rauner’s Realm. 48 locations were added to the total that now stands at 4,675. The number of new locations was lower because the IGB did not have a December meeting. There may not be a January meeting because we are down to 1 IGB Board member because of the new Gov’s recent actions. Illinois is never ever boring.

December is usually a low month for Video Gaming and this is a good sign for the industry in 2015. As I have said in the past, February through May are the best earning months and if that continues look for more record breaking numbers.